Art Matters

Art matters. Regardless of our cultural, political, or social circumstances of the day art plays a vital role in our humanity. Art not only is expression for the artist(s), it serves to begin a conversation for the public. Typically that conversation begins with a stimulus of some kind (visual, auditory, tactile) but I believe art is meant to be a catalyst. Art kicks off self-reflection, critical thinking, humor, satire, social commentary, emotion, discourse amongst viewers, and even action. It affects us in direct and subtle ways. Take a look at some recent and historical pieces from artists below. What do you feel? What are your uncensored thoughts? What do you feel in your gut? How do you talk with others about what you see/experience?


Graffiti Art


Cindy Sherman




Mata Ruda


Vietnam Era Protest Image


Defend Dignity


Check out a few websites dealing with art for social change and activism art: